Wednesday, May 30, 2007

66 promises

Reasons why I will never drink again*.

  • Required Happy Pill frowns upon Happy Drinks.
  • Dancing like delusional twat in middle of dance floor empty room.
  • When squating for necessary wee (because, tch, it’s a public restroom) and suddenly tilting slightly forward (because, tch, I’m drunk), Happy Drinks abruptly decided how fun it’d be to obey gravity.
  • On skirt.
  • In toilet bowl.
  • Care in Not Touching Anything For The Love Of God Oh Please goes, quite literally, down the drains. *cries & shudders*
  • Feeling bad for making mess in restroom and delaying closing time, cleaned up after self and apologised profusely like nobby pest.
  • After congratulating self for successfully stumbling to bed without puking through nose, neglected to wash makeup off face and woke up with left eye looking like this.
  • Having Asian blood.

* Or at least in a very, very long while. Duh.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ibi dreams of pavement (a better day)

I was going to write a long, whingy post filled with filthy words beginning like 'fucose' and rhyming with 'clucking' concerning the current state of public transportation in the fair city I live, namely, but not excluded to, the fact that it is, once again - since 2003! - ON STRIKE, which means that between the hours of 9 a.m. & 3h30 p.m., and 6h30 p.m until late-enough-no-one-gives-a-shit, there are no buses and/or metros anywhere, and how despite being what one might call a liberal [if I was ever bothered enough to care] with a leftist inclination, who is really all for unions, the little people, the blue-collars, plaid-collars and dirty-unwashed-collars, and who, by all means, comes from a Stick-It-To-The-Man school of philosophy (I was educated along the lines of the French after all (much to the desolation of a parent with a particular distaste for any form of "commie sympathies")), nothing would please me more however than to see the instigators of this so-called "desperate legal action", i.e. the lovely Mechanics & Maintenance Workers of the STM, who earn a salary of 50,000$ (premium & advantages not included) per year, shoving their whiny little pie-holes up their lazy fat arses.

BUT I am going to write instead about how, without dirty old buses and subway trains that are delayed every second day, on every second line, every day, on at least one line bc of 'bip-bip-beeeep' TECHNICAL REASONS, I am able to get soaked in the sun and breeze a little more as I walked to the bank this morning and truly enjoyed how lovely my neighborhood is. Yes, yes. Ladies & gents, I walked. The entire twenty-five minutes it took. Which depending upon age & technique, could pass as a form of exercise, oui? And I liked it! I really liked it! An allergy pill popped in, I strolled down the sidewalks draped by the occasional cool shadows of beautifully imposing maple trees, children's laughing & giggling breaking between the soft suburb silences, little Italian mamas sweeping their porch, fixing their gardens and yelling in what I can only hope as sweet insults to their husbands. It was marvellous!...

So, dearest Mechanics & Maintenance Workers of the STM, you may cease your lying around complaining about your sorry exploited plight 'working' as long as you please. T’is like water off me back! Which, incidentally, I solely give to the city counsellors in their firm stance of Not Giving In Until You Lazy Arses Actually Provide A Real Service To Start Out With, You Spoilt Arrogantly Idiot Wankers*.

Now, I must take your leave, dear gentle folks, as my bedtime is fastly approaching. I have a bus to catch downtown tomorrow morning. Goodnight.

*Now see, i shall have to loathe you even more as you made me side with The Man. Curse you!

p.s. Hmm... Of all the inane things i've written about in the past, i seem to be dithering a little here, wondering whether to post this or not... Funnily enough, i feel as if i am betraying & stabbing the little Socialist in me and it makes me feel all queasy 'bout it... Huh. The thing is, i'm well aware that with inflation going constantly up as it tends to do, etc, etc, while salaries pretty much stagnate, there are very hard working folks out there who suffer in consequence. That's why i'll always support and fight for unions, but the truth is, if we keep this in context, these STM workers specifically are really detestable bullies!... It's a little like communism, innit? Great in theory but it pretty much shits up the dog's arse in practice. So... As ill-informed and hormone-driven as it may be, i've decided to post this anyway as it's, well, how i feel. And it's my blog. In all its moral and grammatical downfall. *double thumbs up*

Monday, May 21, 2007

last nite

Bullet-Points - la suite...

  • Beer: gloriously goooooood
  • Muthafuckin' hangover: muthafuckin' murderous
  • Affairs of the heart in the work place: dumb dumb
  • Affairs of the heart in the work place when both parties involved are involved: unfortunately dumberer
  • Being Nice Quiet Girl in the work place everyone trusts with secrets: a heart-and-headache
  • Being Nice Quiet Girl in the work place not involved in affairs of the heart who gets pints of free delicious beer to listen to juicy gossip: priceless
For everything else, there's always Advil.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

alors alors

Who misses bullet-points?

*raises hand like a 6-year-old teacher's pet*

  • Went to see the Man Whose Smile Melts My Cold Heart (commonly known as Dumas) over the weekend. Despite some technical mishaps, the concert was all in all fabulous. Sing-alongs, inconspicuous loops, crazy dancing sequence (oh! to the flutter of my beating heart!), acoustic rendition, rocking riffs – it was wonderful, man! And forget about pyrotechnics, spectacular sets and huge screens, it’s all about BALLOONS, people! Unleash some balloons from the ceiling during the second encore and it’s all to make my heart jump with yearning childhood glee! The loveliest surprise of the evening though was the opening gig in the svelte body of a local singer, whose honey musked voice warmed the back of my neck in the sweetest of ways. Alone with a guitar, a harmonica and some few finger clicks, he sang pretty pretty little folksy-pop songs with sorrowful humour that surely delighted the soppy little girl that I am. Oh yes. I want to have his babies.
    Which is necessary to understand, you see, as it may or may not be one of the reasons I ended up buying his record right after the show. *blush* Unfortunately, I only realised the next day that the two songs I really loved were not on it and that he is indeed much better live. *pouts* That’ll teach me to spend money on cute boys. It’s still decent though. And after a few listen, it somehow makes me want to sit by a window sipping hot tea, and write….

  • Light Bulb Moment of the Week: Lying to mum about having already bought her Mother Day’s gift but forgotten it in someone’s car when in actuality have forgotten it altogether is A Bad Idea. Especially when she is The Crazy Woman, loves gifts and insists that this ‘Someone’ drives by to give it back and, when you point out how unnecessary this is as you are going to meet this ‘Someone’ the next day anyway (lie #2), suggests on driving herself to ‘Someone’’s house to pick said un-existing gift.
    I am going to be struck by lightening and burn in hell, etcetera, etcetera, but it still beats having to see the disappointment in her eyes. There is just so much this poor woman can take [in a very near future]. Besides, the way I figure, her being deceived and my incapability to look her in the eyes for the entire day balances one another out. *wiggles thumbs up*

  • I have fallen in love with ice wine. Or as I like to call it Oh Sweet Nectar Of Gods. *drools & falls over herself*

  • I have discovered that the sound of motor trucks can simulate bird speach. Or vice versa. As I laid in bed this morning in the sweet slumbers of five a.m. and was gently woken up by construction workers who, within some few 50 metres away from my bedroom window, were busy grilling, moving and shoving large things about, it dawned on me that I was probably onto something when gently tweeting pierced through my ears.
    In the name of science, I shall transcribe here a part of the conversation for future references:

    "Broom, vraaaaaaahh!"
    "Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!"
    "Brrrooom broom Brooooooooomm."
    "Twee-twee Tweet! Tweet Twe-weet! Tweet!"
    "...rrrrrrrrrAOORGGGH! VRAOOOOOOOM!"
    "Tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweeet-tweeeeeeet-tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet-twee tweeet twe..."
    "Twee-twet-twet-twetwetwetwet tweeeeeet?"
    Is there someone out there to confirm and/or translate? If you are an ornithologist, zoologist, biologist, sound engineer and/or bird hunter, please leave your answers/rates in the comments below. Thank you.

  • What a lovely Spring day it was yesterday.

    Which, of course, also meant Great Shopping Spring Day. As I busied through my carefully planned schedule, I stumbled upon a hardcover of David Sedaris’ Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim for a ridiculous 7.99$! Which, with my irewards rebay, came to a total of 7.62! Huzzah! With the book in tow and an extra beat in my steps, I then wandered towards Shop With Enviable Frocks, and just look what I’ve got my hands on now (aside some Fruit-Of-The-Loom undies):

    I know. Please stop looking at me like that. I’ve been coveting this skirt for months, OKAY?! And just when I thought it wasn’t meant to be, there it was, hanging sheepishly on its little lonesome with a SIXTY DOLLARS LESS price tag! Zoing! As if that wasn’t enough proof that Fate was bringing the two of us together, it was in MY EXACT SIZE! Angels could have flown down and chanted for our holy union and it wouldn’t be so perfect! And I just look so puhr’dy in it, ma!... *puppy eyes*

  • Question of the Week: What causes two seemingly full-functionning adults to make out in the middle of a café? In broad daylight? Where there are actual people around? Hm?! I’m aware that T’is the season to be horny, and while some superficial people take more joys in finding the perfect all-year-round skirt others prefer giving in to the throws of hormones love, it still doesn’t explain why they have to - oh but literally - LICK EACH OTHER’S FACE OFF! RIGHT. IN. FRONT. OF. ME! And loud enough, in fact, that I can HEAR them when my ears are PLUGGED IN! Gah! Sure, I suppose a normal person would simply look away, but:

    1) Where I am sitting, I’d risk developping cervicalgia if I were to turn to either side, and frankly (a) I'd look [even more] retarded should I position myself so awkwardly, and (b) why the hell should I discomfort myself for their sake anyway? Are we not in a public space after all? Mutual respect, consideration for thy neighbors, etc, etc. GET A ROOM, YOU!;

    2) In some twisted way, it’s just morbidly fascinating, innit? Like watching a car crash, or a baby taking a fall (or is that just me? anyone?), your eyes can’t seem to escape such odd manifestation of the human body. (Lordy! Even as I type these words, I can see their tongues sipping out like ol’Nessy peeping for air from the corner of my eyes!) *shudders*
    …Which brings us to Subquestion of the Week: Is it terribly shallow of me to find unattractive people making out the best premarital-sex prevention method?

  • Okay. What’s the deal here? That’s the second person to come up to me today and start a conversation out of the bloody blue. Is it because of the season? Is there a drug sale going on and everyone’s on crack? Do I somehow look like a nice sociable person?! [Note to self: reconsider goth look.] The strange part is I am actually engaging in the conversation. While my head screams for me to shut the fuck up and run away, my mouth keeps rattling on, jolly answering to their questions, attentively listening in, and (oh why, in the name of Sweet Frozen Grapes!?) pertinently raising side issues! Pah!... Further proof that there is an important link missing from my brain to my mouth.

  • It is unfortunate for me to announce that Pollens have officially declared war on me and taken over my respiratory system. If I wish to have a winning chance against these nasty little buggers, drastic measures must be taken for the greater good. Will you please excuse me now as I go cut my nose, peel off my skin and poke my eyes out.
    This, hopefully, might also discourage strangers from striking uncalled chit-chat with me.
    As they say, two birds with one stone.
    Sadly, only figuratively.
And it all ties in together. *bows out*

Saturday, May 12, 2007

my boy lollipop

Now, I am not one who would usually be attracted to younger lads, or highly muscled jocks. Really. Yet... for some reason, I can't seem to tear my eyes away from this:

Utter. Awe.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

the bunting song

'Big Changes' are a-brewing at the moment.

Hold me?

p.s. On second thought, never mind. I just threw up all over myself.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

in a manner of speaking*

[J’écris pas souvent en français. En fait, presque jamais. (Et non, c’est pas pour ça que j’ai manqué d’insérer une négation là, devant ‘écris’, mais plutôt pcq c’est de l’oral, du 'français vulgaire', vous suivez?... Bah.) J’ai grandi en lisant Baudelaire, Balzac, Voltaire, etcetera, et puis Prévert, Aragon et Gary (ah! mon royaume pour un Gary!), et tout ça m’intimide pour être honnête. De plus, je ne régis en français que lorsque je fusse (wow – subjectif* imparfait, ça fait longtemps que j’avais pas utilisé ça!) à l’école et ne peux ainsi m’empêcher d’adopter une prose plus corrigée, correcte, propre, qui fait un peu drôle à [re]lire maintenant quand je radote, mais j’adore et a toujours préféré le français. Il me semble qu’on peut chuchoter les choses les plus chiottes et ça me semblent** d’une sincérité agaçante. Et j’aime comment ça souffle à l’oreille....
Bon alors, me voilà donc, la verve de Hugo qui me vient aux doigts... On va bien voir ce que ça va donner.]

Malgré avoir toujours été cette fille un peu égoïstement honnête qui ne sait pas souvent quand il fallait*** se taire (quand je m’y mets en tout cas), ou qui se plait souvent à se considérer plutôt ouverte & directe, je suis du même coup jalousement renfermée. Eh oui! Dit celle avec un blogue, merde! Un blogue que de parfaits étrangers à travers le monde – aussi peu, en fait, et aimables soient-ils et soient-elles (quoique, entre vous et moi, chère deuxième personne du pluriel, vous pouviez tout aussi bien être des adeptes de Scientologie prêts à bondir sur mes moindres moments de faiblesse et m’en faire la prochaine recrue, non? Je connais tous vos trucs...)puissent lire! Des choses dont la plupart des personnes qui me sont les plus chères dans ma vie réelle ignorent même l’existence!... Des conneries radotées qui m’auraient poussée à me jeter du pont Jacques-Cartier si un regard distrait osait simplement s’y être posé!?... Que?! (ça, c’était de l'espagnol. Oui, je connais la langue de Goya également : Como estas? Mui, bien, y tu? Bien tambien, gracias; buenas noches, me llamo [vapidly vibrant], no se – voilà l’étendue de mon espagnol. Impressionnant, non?)

Le fait c’est que, je n’ai pas l’habitude de dévoiler quoi que ce soit à personne. Depuis que je suis toute jeune, j’avais su garder mes secrets, mes pensées, mes sentiments les plus profonds, les plus vrais, à moi-même. D’une manière qui m’échappe encore un peu, j’étais venue à les considérer comme mes cheveux de Samson, ou ma cheville d’Achille. Et tant et aussi longtemps que ces autres les ignoraient, que ces idées demeuraient entièrement et tout à fait miennes, alors, j’avais le dessus. Que personne ne me connaissait me donnait le 'pouvoir'. C’est d’une possessivité inquiétante, je sais. Mais, je me sentais en sécurité ainsi, bien touffue derrière tout ce moi que les autres ne voyaient pas, protégée comme par un châle invisible qui me permettait d’observer les gens sans qu’ils s’en aperçoivent.

J’étais bien. J’étais conne.

Parce qu’après toutes ces années à apprendre à vivre comme un tas de merde bien conservée dans un topperware qui essaie de se biodégrader, j’ai réalisé que ça ne marchait pas. Non mais, pas du tout. Tout comme cette métaphore d'ailleurs. Surtout parce que, personne ne sachant qui j'étais réellement, je me permettais d’être deux filles en même temps pour apaiser tout le monde et passer ainsi plus facilement sous le radar. Oh, que je suis futée, m’étais-je dite! Être à la fois docile, indépendante, pratique, rusée, tête forte (la fille de ma mère, quoi) et émotive, naïve, curieuse, frivole et un peu tête de linottes (parfois?), sans jamais que les premiers spectateurs ne connaissaient les derniers, j’étais libre comme un cameleon!

... Et puis, un jour, il y en avait une qui s’était mise à aimer... Et ça boulverse un peut tout, l’amour... Ça confond, ça brouille, ça salit, et ça s’en câlisse. Jusqu’à ce jour, j’ignore encore qui des deux avait commis cette faute. Peut-être étaient-ce les deux? Ou y avait-il une troisième? Peu importe, en fait... J’ai seulement réalisé que j’y arrivais plus, être toutes ces choses en même temps. C’était devenu un champ de bataille. Et il me fallait choisir un camp.

Oui, il faut choisir.

J’ai passé la plupart de ma jeunesse, sinon à lire, à écrire dans un journal. J’aimerais bien pouvoir dire que je le faisais dans un but introspectif cérébral et réfléchi afin de me discerner, mais j’aimais tout simplement l’idée d’avoir un livre dont j’étais réellement le héros (un peu comme dans ces romans Folio où il fallait lancer un dé et battre des vampires, seulement que j’ai dépassé ce stade, vous voyez. Egocentrique à fond, je vous dis...) En tout cas. À relire tous ces journaux, je me désolais à voir que je n’ai pas tant changé que ça [...depuis mes huit ans]. Je tournais en rond. Je ruminais. J’en avais marre, un peu honte même, et j’ai arrêté il y a quelques années. C’est seulement quand j’ai commncé ce blogue, initialement pour la même raison que j’ai commencé mes journaux – pure vanité –, que j’ai senti quelque chose de... différent. Tout léger. Indistinct, même. Ma thérapie m’a aidée à décoincer, certainement, mais taper des balivernes complètement insensées qui se déversent de ma tête sur des microbytes virtuels dont le fonctionnement m’échappe royalement m’est d’un étrange bénéfice.

C’est l’ouverture, je crois.
Il était un peu temps que je m’ouvre...

C'est que je m'aperçois que mes pensées arrivent à se libérer ici. Une liberté dont et envers laquelle je suis devenue responsable. Même si personne ne les lisait, même si on s’en fout à la fin, même s’il n’y a pas de destinations ou de destinataires précis (malgré les quelques Scientologistes potentiels pour qui j’ai une tendresse toute particulière...), ils**** s’envolent tout bonnement, dans ce vide virtuel, au lieu de pourrir dans ma tête, m’offrant ainsi un moment de répit et l’espace pour choisir, pour être qui je suis.

Et me voilà donc qui choisis.

Et qui l’écris.

Sur un blogue.


* Bonjour! English translation? As you wish.

Don't tell me you learn nothing interesting here.... *muffles uncontrollable laughter*

[EDIT: So, i just can't leave those errors there now that i know of them, not can i? CAN I?!... Goddamn you, Frenched Twelve-Year-Old!:
* subjonctif - hey honest mistake... ahem.
** semble - gah! kill me why don't you!?
*** faut - this doesn't really count. It makes sense in my head, k?
**** elles - so i have gender identification issues. It's no secret to anyone.]

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

blowin' in the wind

I am having A Bad Day.

Thank you. That is all.