Wednesday, May 2, 2007

blowin' in the wind

I am having A Bad Day.

Thank you. That is all.


Jay said...

Sorry to hear that.
Anything I can do to help?
I'm making a monkey face at you right now.
It's funny, trust me.

Chris said...

Monkey faces are brilliant - they never fail to get me laughing...

... now what can I do to cheer you up...?

[goes outside and trips over]

... Hmmm, not as funny in real life.

Should I tell you a joke?

What do you call a monkey with a stick of dynamite up its bottom?


Right, I'm going now, sorry for bothering everyone.

Will be back if I can think of something actually helpful.

Boo said...

Be of good cheer! There are a number of Australian geeks out there (myself the worst) who think your writings is grouse!!

Pomgirl said...

'Grouse' is one of my fave Aussie words.

Did your day get any better?

*does cheese impression*

Was that any help? Can you guess what cheese I was pretending to be?

vapidly vibrant said...

Thanks, you guys... --> :) See! Am smiling fo' realz, yo!

(...although The Crazy Woman had already prepped me up good as she danced [and by 'danced' we all agree 'trod insanely about'] to The Carpenters earlier. Yes. I know. If you're not laughing, there is only crying...)

p.s. i had to check what 'grouse' meant as the only grouse i knew was the bird kind - not quite the angle i as shooting at... ;)

p.p.s. ouh! is it Swiss cheese, Miss Pom? No, Camembert! Or is it Brie? Mmm... Brie... Now that would certainly cheer anyone up...

Pomgirl said...

It was Camembert!