Wednesday, September 20, 2006

hello world

Hello (again)!

Right, so i suppose this is my first 'real' post for the previous one was more like a test (hence its name - clever, this one...). I think i passed. I only fretted in fear of being, in no particular order, bared naked, ragged, stalked and/or stoned (and consequently started rocking back & forth in a dark corner trying to convince myself that it never happened) for about forty minutes, or so. Hurray for moi!...

This is probably the point where i should perhaps explain why, as any sensible person would ask (assuming that there's anyone at all reading this, not to mention a 'sensible' person but i digress greatly), would i put myself in such a panic then. Aside for the possibility that i am a masochist? Well, the answer is manifolds. Mainly, it is to:

  1. Fill out a ridiculous amount of time where i should probably be doing something else but won't bc i am the Queen of Procrastination (yes, i am shamelessly claiming that title, and beware to those who try to take it from me);
  2. Write, write, write - albeit flagrant stupidity - bc i realize the amount i write is inversely proportionate to my chances of imploding;
  3. Somehow learn something throughout this entire 'Growing Up Thing' (or not...I'm not that optimistic really...);
  4. ...Actually, am really just a silly impressionable girl, and all the cool kids are doing it, y'know...

As for who i am, and "all that David Copperfield kind of crap", there's that little link on the right, there. I'd prefer to keep my anonymity for the moment bc i fear the sheer beauty of my being might conjure ferocious jealousy and/or stun the world forever. [Interruptis: gagging. Apologies.] And if by some miraculous chance, e.g. i tell you, you are among those who know my true identity, i beg you lovingly to shut up (no, i am not a fabulous Old-World spy - though not through lack of trying).

There. I hope my utter self-indulgent vernacular won't cause too much involuntary nausea. It will get worse. If it does however, i apologise, truly, and invite you to point your cursor & click that 'x' icon-thingy in the upper-right corner. No. The other one. As for leaving vile & nasty comments, that is also welcomed of course, although not very nice of you, now is it? Shame on you.

p.s.: Oh. And please, don't take what i say here too personally or seriously. Really, i do have the best of intentions (most of the time). Just ask my mum. Or that dusty bearded man with the parka in front of Second Cup - on the corner of St-Denis? yah, he loves me.

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