Sunday, December 30, 2007

christmas is going to the dogs

He cooked a mean piece of rosemary stuffed roast pork with parsnips and potatoes for Christmas night, the leftover of which we had as sandwiches, picnic style, the next day. We had had vegetable curry – his mum’s traditional meal – on Christmas Eve. There was wine. And music. And candle lights. There was also lots of love. And kisses. And laughs.

He managed to spend the entire day without trousers on. You gotta love someone who can make a deliciously debilitating meal without any pants and still be completely sexy.

He said he loves me. That he wants to make me happy. He said he’d shave his cat for me...

And me? All I can do is miss the snow, my crazy family and think how much I will miss him when I go home.

Next year, I want to learn how to be happy please.

A very good one to you too.


Monday, December 24, 2007

maybe this christmas

Yes, friends and foes, real ones and virtual ones, even indecisive ones sitting on the fence who will fall to a particular side in one defining moment, it is undeniably that time of year again! And, being away from home for the first time evah for Christmas, without snow nor loud screaming from my beloved family gatherings to comfort myself, I shall shamelessly withdraw into Full Corny Mode, complete with Slow-Motion-Lashes-Battering Kisses, Dancing Under The Mistletoe and Gazing Through The Misty Window While Nat King Cole Sings In The Background. *grins*

And my generosity is such, as these times commercially pound into us, that I extend these uncomfortably warm fuzzy feelings to all of yee. May you be with those who appreciate your gaggingly silly tendencies & tastes in corniness and/or false cynicism & debauched relationship with Sir Alcohol – brandy or otherwise.

A round of drunken kisses and awkward hugs to all!