Monday, May 21, 2007

last nite

Bullet-Points - la suite...

  • Beer: gloriously goooooood
  • Muthafuckin' hangover: muthafuckin' murderous
  • Affairs of the heart in the work place: dumb dumb
  • Affairs of the heart in the work place when both parties involved are involved: unfortunately dumberer
  • Being Nice Quiet Girl in the work place everyone trusts with secrets: a heart-and-headache
  • Being Nice Quiet Girl in the work place not involved in affairs of the heart who gets pints of free delicious beer to listen to juicy gossip: priceless
For everything else, there's always Advil.


Boo said...

Oh this is fantastically bloggable stuff. Of course we need more details, hint. I PROMISE I won't tell anyone.

vapidly vibrant said...

Ahaha! Well, suffice to say that both are friends, actually really lovely folks, and one is getting married this summer... It's in times like these that i'm so glad to be uncomplicatedly & blissfully single! ^_^

Chris said...

Single isn't always uncomplicated!

Work is full of these little moments, sadly. Why some people find being in such close proximity with their workfolks engenders passion, I don't know, as I find the more I have to see the same people day in day out in our little clone boxes, the more I dislike them.

Today I cannot use the comma, and for that I apologise.

Well done on the free beer, by the way. Hangovers have been clinically proven to be caused by guilt over drinking too much, incidentally, so try to let go of such feelings and just drink as much as you can, and you will find they stop.


vapidly vibrant said...

You are right, Mister Chris, singledom does come with its own set of mind twistedness indeed. But in such circumstances, sometimes one 'luckily' only has to deal with one's complications, yes? Or so i selfishly like to delude myself.

And i shall test out your theory about hangovers next time and report back. Be sure that i will hoax a stern scowl should it turn out to be untrue.