Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ibi dreams of pavement (a better day)

I was going to write a long, whingy post filled with filthy words beginning like 'fucose' and rhyming with 'clucking' concerning the current state of public transportation in the fair city I live, namely, but not excluded to, the fact that it is, once again - since 2003! - ON STRIKE, which means that between the hours of 9 a.m. & 3h30 p.m., and 6h30 p.m until late-enough-no-one-gives-a-shit, there are no buses and/or metros anywhere, and how despite being what one might call a liberal [if I was ever bothered enough to care] with a leftist inclination, who is really all for unions, the little people, the blue-collars, plaid-collars and dirty-unwashed-collars, and who, by all means, comes from a Stick-It-To-The-Man school of philosophy (I was educated along the lines of the French after all (much to the desolation of a parent with a particular distaste for any form of "commie sympathies")), nothing would please me more however than to see the instigators of this so-called "desperate legal action", i.e. the lovely Mechanics & Maintenance Workers of the STM, who earn a salary of 50,000$ (premium & advantages not included) per year, shoving their whiny little pie-holes up their lazy fat arses.

BUT I am going to write instead about how, without dirty old buses and subway trains that are delayed every second day, on every second line, every day, on at least one line bc of 'bip-bip-beeeep' TECHNICAL REASONS, I am able to get soaked in the sun and breeze a little more as I walked to the bank this morning and truly enjoyed how lovely my neighborhood is. Yes, yes. Ladies & gents, I walked. The entire twenty-five minutes it took. Which depending upon age & technique, could pass as a form of exercise, oui? And I liked it! I really liked it! An allergy pill popped in, I strolled down the sidewalks draped by the occasional cool shadows of beautifully imposing maple trees, children's laughing & giggling breaking between the soft suburb silences, little Italian mamas sweeping their porch, fixing their gardens and yelling in what I can only hope as sweet insults to their husbands. It was marvellous!...

So, dearest Mechanics & Maintenance Workers of the STM, you may cease your lying around complaining about your sorry exploited plight 'working' as long as you please. T’is like water off me back! Which, incidentally, I solely give to the city counsellors in their firm stance of Not Giving In Until You Lazy Arses Actually Provide A Real Service To Start Out With, You Spoilt Arrogantly Idiot Wankers*.

Now, I must take your leave, dear gentle folks, as my bedtime is fastly approaching. I have a bus to catch downtown tomorrow morning. Goodnight.

*Now see, i shall have to loathe you even more as you made me side with The Man. Curse you!

p.s. Hmm... Of all the inane things i've written about in the past, i seem to be dithering a little here, wondering whether to post this or not... Funnily enough, i feel as if i am betraying & stabbing the little Socialist in me and it makes me feel all queasy 'bout it... Huh. The thing is, i'm well aware that with inflation going constantly up as it tends to do, etc, etc, while salaries pretty much stagnate, there are very hard working folks out there who suffer in consequence. That's why i'll always support and fight for unions, but the truth is, if we keep this in context, these STM workers specifically are really detestable bullies!... It's a little like communism, innit? Great in theory but it pretty much shits up the dog's arse in practice. So... As ill-informed and hormone-driven as it may be, i've decided to post this anyway as it's, well, how i feel. And it's my blog. In all its moral and grammatical downfall. *double thumbs up*


Chris said...

It is okay to be a socialist in principle but to dislike things taken to extremes.*

Unfortunately when people get a bit of power, you tend to find they abuse it... sad really.

Enjoy your walking! (Don't forget antihistamines though; there is nothing worse than arriving at work with dried up, caked snot all over your jaw and cheek. Sorry to lower the tone, but them's the facts.)

* especially if they eat as many pies as you suggest.

Rosanna said...

Oh, strikes suck. When I was in Rome, there was a strike for two days.

And Rome's traffic is like nothing I have ever witnessed before. I can not even begin to describe the sheer MENTALNESS of the traffic. My god.

So when there was a strike, you had to literally WALK OVER CARS to get anywhere.

Could be worse. You could live in Rome.

gorgondoza said...

now I'm all for unions as well, the little leftist in me cries out against social injustice... but this union, the CSN, is pure evil... it is the equivalent of a idealist-humanities-dropout pothead bullying the population to get large corporations to submit... (no offense to idealists, humanities-dropouts or potheads, only to those who manage to fall under all three categories, you I don't like!)

a little stroll on their website shows how ridiculous the grounds for this strike are... Thank you lazy socialist whores!

ps: yes, I am angry... I can't go to the gym because of them... *angry bourgeois kid stromps his feet in a fit of rage*

vapidly vibrant said...

Yes, Mister Chris, i hate it when that happens (the snot plastered to your face, i mean. Not the power thing. The power thing is only bad when others have it [insert maniacal laugh])

p.s. And yes, entire pies, them bloody gluttons!... *nods convincingly*

Rosanna, yes, but at least it's purdhy there. (Although, as a notable jaywalker, i've almost got myself killed a couple of times crossing its streets, so think i would not survive in a strike situation.)

*slaps* Mister Gorgondoza, please contain yourself! We must not let our emotions get the best of us if we wish to beat these unadulterated bitches! Now, pull yourself together and keep pumping your luscious muscles nonetheless in the feeble hopes that some sugar daddy will drive you to wherever you please, and let's all show our support to our city mongers! God speed!

jan said...

My nana was Italian - they probably were insults.

Good luck with those strikers! :)

Boo said...

Oooh strikes and PT aside, that sounded like a lovely walk! I am a big fan of one foot in front of the other!!

vapidly vibrant said...

Jan, thank you for reaffirming how lovely those Italians mums are. :) I love me some vociferous love!

Oi, Miss Boo, so do i! But strike's over now, so back to have lazy arse carried around again. *high fives*