Wednesday, May 30, 2007

66 promises

Reasons why I will never drink again*.

  • Required Happy Pill frowns upon Happy Drinks.
  • Dancing like delusional twat in middle of dance floor empty room.
  • When squating for necessary wee (because, tch, it’s a public restroom) and suddenly tilting slightly forward (because, tch, I’m drunk), Happy Drinks abruptly decided how fun it’d be to obey gravity.
  • On skirt.
  • In toilet bowl.
  • Care in Not Touching Anything For The Love Of God Oh Please goes, quite literally, down the drains. *cries & shudders*
  • Feeling bad for making mess in restroom and delaying closing time, cleaned up after self and apologised profusely like nobby pest.
  • After congratulating self for successfully stumbling to bed without puking through nose, neglected to wash makeup off face and woke up with left eye looking like this.
  • Having Asian blood.

* Or at least in a very, very long while. Duh.


Rosanna said...

I promise you you will drink again.

I have said SO many times "I will never drink again!" and I always, always do.

And that left eye? HOT ;)

Jay said...

Ooof, that sounds like enough to put anyone off least until the next time, anyway.

Don said...

What do you drink? I want some. No matter what, or how much I've drunk in the past, I can't get myself to "throw a few shapes" on the floor, although inside, there's a raving hoofer screaming to get out.

gorgondoza said...

maybe you should resort to other means of intoxication ^_^

maybe you WILL resort to other means of intoxication :D