Friday, June 1, 2007

ocean of noise

Hullo! My name is [vapidly vibrant] and I seem to be in a writing rut. *waves*
Not that there aren’t any infinitely inane ideas impatiently imploring impression but I just can’t seem to imaginatively immolate them idiomatically. And all attention is avidly attending to actualize, achieve, accomplish (and absolve) somewhat life-altering affairs at the moment, which I very much wish I could waywardly write here on a whim but am afraid it might wander wildly away, wither and waver. Which we do not want. Oh to the no’s, and other assonances & alliterations of sorts.

So, here are some links for you, oh great bloggiverse (sadly, that first paragraph took all brain-wanking power I had. Apologies if words now not connected or sensical. Poo and fart. Frown.):


**Bonus Feature!**

After racking my blogging hero’s archives to find this little jem, you may now all know what I look like! Hurrah!...

Or not.

Apparently, I am of impaled wizardry and Canadian flair. How very just. And I have no idea if Sho Sakurai is a girl or a boy. But Gary Oldman?... LIKE TWO PEAS IN A POD! And I have Dracula’s teeth to prove it too! For realz, yo!

Aahhh... Live long and prosper, Internet!

Also, my left shoulder hurts. I haven’t a clue as to why.

* Right. If viewing these leaves you unabashed, confused and/or slightly feeling sorry for me, then by all means, never mind this little footnote (but thank you for your concern!). If instead you find yourself laughing with tears streaming down your face, amazed & astounded by its sheer genius, and somehow have even more time to waste, then do have a look at some other of Mister Don Hertzfeldt’s shorts if you haven't already. No, I am not paid for this free advertisement nor am I in anyway related to him. And yes, I love him.

[n.b. I swear, I AM doing Other Important Things...]


Pomgirl said...


I was reading Living For Disco and she asked if people wanted to leave questions in the comments because she didn't know what to write about. How about doing that?

*tries really hard to think of a good question*

*or any question*

How about your Top 5 albums/CDs/records of all time? Oooh!

jan said...

Claire Danes and Liz Hurley?
And you clean up after throwing up?
A girl after my own heart!;)

Chris said...

You must look... er, incredible...

If you are interested, I look like Umberto Eco.

... and you haven't heard of Sho Sakurai?!

You'll be telling me you don't know who Jun Matsumoto is next!

Boo said...

Whither VV? Whither???? Hope you are well...!

vapidly vibrant said...

Oi! Worry not! Am well and kickin'! :)

Mister Chris, it is rather incredible how much i look like Gary Oldman. Am slightly disconcerted, honestly... :S
Also, am very curious as to how you know about Japanese Boybands.

Mister Jan, aw shucks! [cf. Gary Oldman comment]

Hmm. Good question, Miss Pom, only i don't know that many albums/cds/records to list the ones of All Time. Also, i have appalling taste. *off re-evaluating entire concept of self*

Chris said...

I know a lot about everything!

Or rather, I know about wikipedia and wikipedia knows a lot about everything, so by the transitive property I know a lot about everything.

There are worse people to look like!

vapidly vibrant said...

...Like Umberto Eco! Feeling much better now, thank you!