Friday, June 22, 2007

l’endomètre rebelle

Is there a better way to start celebrating the Saint Patron's day of oh great French Canadia than to clean my bathroom? I think not! Have now clearest (and cleanest! *winks like smug salesman*) conscience to enjoy three days of drinking!

In Toronto.
Where heaps of cheap Oh Sweet Nectar Of Gods awaits.

Do you think I will get shot if I scream out 'Vive le Québec, tabarnak de criiiiiiissssssse!' from a speeding car in the middle of Yonge Street?

[n.b. My bathroom is so clean you can lick it. Seriously. C'mon, i know you want to.]


Rosanna said...

Oh! Have a wonderful time!

Mya said...

Nothing like cleaning the bog for working up a thirst - have fun! I like this blog - I found it via Pomgirl in Oz, now I'm right the way back across the world in Canada. Cyberspace is tiny innit?

le rap à rappaz said...

scream at the top of your lungs what's going on

vapidly vibrant said...

Thanks, luv, i did! Inane pics coming rrrright up!

It is, Mya, and cheaper than an around-the-world ticket too. (Though i'd still prefer the ticket...) Do feel most welcome - ale or lager?

Le rap, they did not shoot me - perhaps they were aiming at The Gays. Maybe i should have sung it instead?

gorgondoza said...

show dem stiff anglos what us frenchies have in our bellies... fire I tells ya, FIRE!

(yes, I am sober as I write this)