Monday, June 25, 2007

the good, the bad and the queen

Just crashed back into my comfortable clean fluffy bed with a facial after some five hours of carpooling [insert deep moaning of satisfaction], and already here for your long awaited hearts, I know, are some pictures from my few moments of sobriety. Because I’m considerate like that.

Not China Town.

Could you hear the angels sing?

... slurrrrrp.

I kinda blacked out My batteries died after this.

But there were mostly lots of this I presume:

And this:

And a bit of this:
[pictures from]
Yeah. My camera and I always miss out on the fun.

To be noted however that I did not get intimately acquainted with any toilet bowl during my off-camera performances nor did I want to behead The Brother-In-Law even once (there was perhaps a moment where I did want to slap him, but t’was definitely not a Backhand Slap, so hurrah!), and no pants were ripped apart nor any stomach unladylikely exploded during the ingestion of so much delectably awesome foodies.

I know. My Sainthood application is already in the mail*.

* Just don’t mention I spent over my very idealistic 20$ weekend budget on some smokin' cute shades (WITH MY EXPENSIVELY DISCRIMINATORY BLIND-MOLE PRESCRIPTION INCLUDED!) for only the THIRD of the what I’d normally pay elsewhere! Them crazy Chinese, I tells ya! Am now left but to wait - with utmost patience - until they arrive here in a week. And with that, I’m back on the Sainthood list.


Anonymous said...

I have been to Toronto years ago and I was a little more than curious to see how many Chinese people were living there. I don't have anything against the Chinese or them living there, just that it took me by surprise that I couldn't be served in either english or french sometimes. Coming from a small town in Quebec, you could say it was definitely a culture shock! :)

Nice blog by the way! I will be back!

vapidly vibrant said...

Merci beaucoup! :)

I once tried to get a table in this Chinese restaurant there and the hostess looked up at me as if i fell from the sky bc i spoke to her in English! Funny and weird at the same time. Two sentences i can say though - Gan Bei! and Wo ai ni (in that order too...) Usefull in more ways than one! ^_^

Boo said...

Do I see fried fishballs and some sort of delectable sauce? Honeydew soy milk? Because that is the interpretation I am giving...

As I am a glutton, I need food shots/stores/gastronomic experiences explained to me in vivid details kthxbye

vapidly vibrant said...

They are curry fish balls, Boo. The ones you can buy frozen in pacakages at the market and then boil to cook. Here, they are dipped in this spicy curry sauce as fast-food fondue, to which i've added extra spicy sauce. I had seven. By the end of which, i must note, i started to cry, from both the fire in my mouth & the yummy in my tummy.

Following this are Honeydew Bubble Green Tea Milk with tapioca and litchi gellies. They are fabulous. As for dessert, the pastries are an egg-based flour that are simply grilled into bite-size pancakes to gob as you walk around Asia Haven.

Repeat process until stomach repels.

For this reason alone, i love me the Toronto!^_^