Thursday, September 21, 2006

dead disco

J had left for the restroom after only two rounds of red Griffon. Les Girls had to leave early because A had been experiencing with some Out Of This World Headaches That Cause Collapsing On Subway Floors a couple of months back, and therefore could not stay up 'til the wee hours of the morning anymore (sensible girl, she is), and E was just plain tired.

We had one of those conversation, J & I. A tearful conversation [though in my defense i was hormoning like mad...] about what had happened around these parts of the woods, about JP's birthday, about how even when i feel like things are pulling together inside me it can still so easily shread to pieces, about how his relationship with his boyfriend isn't as desirable as it could be, about how everything is still quite daunting, and tedious, and so hard. Because we obviously haven't a clue about what we are doing.

"Sorry, can i put my jacket here?", a nice looking guy asked me as i sat there in a foggy daze.
"Of course, go ahead!"
"Thank you..." He courteously smiled. I spread my hand out.
"That'll be 10 cents, please."
He laughed. "I'd ask for 10$ if i were you."
"Yeah, well that's because i'm nicer than you are."
He laughed again. "What's your name?"
I gave him my name, and politely returned the question.
"LUC!", he shouted at me after i've repeatedly failed to hear him over the music. We shook hands.

I love this place. It had been awhile since we'd been here, and just as we stepped through the door, it felt like home. And everybody is so goddamn nice [as oppose to sleezy, or presumptious, or contemptuous as you sometime get in most nightclubs, and although i realize i am vastly generalizing, and in all fairness i was never really drunk enough in nightclubs as to start professing 'I loooove you's, but when was the last time you shook anybody's hand in a nightclub without wanting to shudder incontrollably and/or immidiately sanitize your entire arm in boiling water?].

"I'll see you later...", Luc said, waving gentlemanly.

Later, J dragged me to the itty-bitty 'dance floor' because MSTRKRFT was playing. We proceeded into prancing ourselves like retarded whores that we are when a boy with a red baseball cap & a college sweater joined us during our signature Mr. Roboto moves. "THIS IS WHERE YOU RAISE YOUR ARMS NOW!", J suddenly shouted at him. And just like good little kiddies, we all promptly jaunted our arms in the air. We oozed sexiness.

Before leaving, i wrote 'Bonne soirée, Luc!' on the back of my water bottle label, and slipped it in Luc's jacket. Along with a dime.

We walked down St-Laurent, singing [me] and skipping [ J ], enjoying one of the last summer nights we have here together. My Faith In Human Beings Scale had re-gained 1.5 pts.

It'd been a lovely night.


Pomgirl said...

I feel so old, it's been years since I went to a club, but I do remember always meeting sleazy types, even in the better places we used to go to. It was part of the fun ;)

Glad you had a good evening,


vapidly vibrant said...

You're never too old to act like an arse, Miss Pom ;) THAT'S where all the fun is! Or, in a DANCE OFF!

n.b. ...technically, it is more a bar-with-a-hallway-where-drunk-people-dance more than a club...yes, there is a difference (i.e. no sleaziness ;))