Thursday, September 21, 2006


Things that kept me awake last night:

  • Buggering Headache - with its epicentre in the upper left corner of my left eye;
  • Freezing coldness - despite that all the windows were closed and we are only in SEPTEMBER!
  • Racking brain in order to figure out cause of Buggering Headache (down to either (1) carelessly slumbering while cleaning ear, resulting in Q-tipping a bit too far...; or (2) walking in the rain because the Weatherman announced rain - which would generally mean 'you will drag your umbrella around for NOTHING, ha ha hahahaa, you fool!' - so obviously did not bring umbrella);
  • Wishing very bad things to Weatherman;
  • Construction workers pounding, drilling, throwing, dropping large metal-ringing thingies near my backyard at 4 O'CLOCK IN THE BLOODY MORNING;
  • Cursing somnolence-challenged construction workers with ancient African ills;
  • Sneezing blood - may or may not be due to any combination of the above;
  • Hearing, 'Maneater, na-na-na nuh. Na-na-na nuh. Na-na-na nuh. Na nuh-nuh', in my head. Over and over and over and over....;
  • Hating Nelly Furtado.

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