Sunday, September 24, 2006


That's it. After four days of relentless battle, i am regretfully admitting defeat: I. Am. Sick. Body-aching, skin-burning, ears-popping, nose-stuffing, head-weighing-like-my-house sick. My voice also sounds a bit more like Lauren Bacall than Alvin the Chipmunk but i deem that to be A Good Thing. So what better way to spend the day than buried under mountains of bedsheets, sleeping, sneezing, ingesting too many fluids, coughing, sleeping, blowing my nose, whining, whimpering, blowing what's left of my nose, and sleeping again.

Intermittently, i also get to watch some DVD's. The Machinist, though starring my secret lover - aka Christian Bale - in another creepy role, left me rather...blah. I'm sure the cow sitting on my sinuses may have contributed in my relative indifference but it seems that any cut-sequences, memory-impaired murder/redemption plot done after Memento just pales a little in comparison somehow. I don' know. LOVE that Christian though (wanna have his babies!). Good Night, and Good Luck on the other hand was actually pretty good, i find. Tops to Mr. Clooney indeed (though, you've got nothing to worry about, Christian my pet). And Mr. Murrow/Mr. Strathairn's voice is sooooo soothing. Something in his timber makes me all warm and yearning for cinnamon toast & Christmas morning. And be living in the 1950's.

Okay, that's all. Am going back to sleep now.
If only i can will myself to dream of my lover's touch, narrated in Murrow's voice. Mmm.


Pomgirl said...

I would take George Clooney over Christian Bale, but would prefer both. Pretty please.


Anonymous said...

is that "fever" from ella fitzgerald or azure ray? ;)
hope you feel better.

vapidly vibrant said...

Now that's An Idea, Miss Pom! And for you, i'll grant anything (although we'd have to switch back and forth - i'm not sure i'm quite into that foursome least, not just yet ;))

Anonymous Person - 'Tis the one from Azure Ray. The one from La Dame Fitzgerald, although quite good & appropriate as well,with it's heavier bass & all, wouldn't quite help with me headaches, i don't think. I am doing much better though, thank you! :D

**(if this comment here seems slightly different somehow, i assure it is not bc you are going quite mad [or maybe you are, but this post has nothing to do with it] but rather Blogger and/or my computer is, and had [perhaps wisely] decided to eat up my messages. Aye.)**