Tuesday, April 22, 2008

train of thought

I need to do laundry. And the dishes. And wash the bathroom. And a dozen other things too, now that we’re at it. And since J is coming over TOMORROW, I also need to clean the bed in the front room, which could seriously use a good tidal wave (unless I want him to find things his pure pederasting eyes don’t want to see*), yet all I’ve been doing all morning is downing coffee with Pringles (that’s some hell of a breakfast, by the way, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise) and reading blogs.

Shit. It’s 12:15 already. I should’ve been out of the house an hour ago.

We have a wine tasting at work later, which means I would have to haul my ass there earlier than usual. Without pay. Tch.

In normal circumstances I would’ve poked my own eyes out giddily to ‘taste’ wine for free, but with all the things I need to be doing I think I’ll need to pass on this one. The thought is more painful to me than it is mentally healthy.

No matter. I can always drink and clean at the same time – it’s all about multitasking here, people!

Pip pip!

* Luvs, dahling, but there’re just certain things friends don’t need to visualise, ahem...*winks seedily*


Chris said...


I have missed a lot.

I am going to read through your entire back catalogue. See you in a few days.*

* It doesn't need to take this long, but I may get distracted by the amazing colour-coordinated wardrobe.

vapidly vibrant said...

That's what happens when you disappear from the interweebs for too long, Mister Chris...(Also, i cannot be held responsible should you be shocked to find that some elements from my color(without a 'u')-coordinated wardrobe are no more :P)

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