Saturday, April 19, 2008

little bunny foo foo

Wine is good. Wine is my friend. Makes me happy without the headache. Very good.

Blond Monkey is setting up a blog for his artwork at the moment and for some reason it makes me queasy. The reason might be that, oh I don’t know, he is not exactly aware that I also have a blog. Myself. And when he asks me what I think about layouts, whether I’m familiar with html or not, or if I have blogger account, well, I’m not quite sure what to say.

I end up lying, obviously, because, tch, I’m far from being sane enough to have him know every single thought that farts through my brain. The much that he knows is more than I ever imagined letting anyone have to hold against me as personal information, or believed laudable with such loving indulgence, really. I’d rather not push it. He, however, freely gives me his passwords & pin numbers, and I’m not sure if that makes him utterly naïve or me a complete untrusting biatch. Or both. Opposites attract and all that. Or perhaps birds of the same flock as we are both a little screwed up?

Ooh! Pizza’s here!

Cannot process more coherent thought now.
Am officially drunk.



Pomgirl said...

My advise would be 'never tell'. I so regret telling family/friends about my blog. I know they think blogging is really weird, and it is but then so am I.

This post only just came up in Google Reader so at first I thought you were drunk and having pizza for breakfast and I was all 'rock on, Miss V!'.

Hope you had a good night x

vapidly vibrant said...

I actually wrote this sometime last night but amidst my intoxicated state and pizza-craving failed to push the 'post' button adequately, i think. Upon awakening and realisation that no particularly staggering idiocy was mentionned, i re-posted. While eating cold left-over pizza. *thumbs up*

Jay said...

I love that he's so trusting, nothing wrong with that. But there's nothing wrong with being a little cautious, either, so take your time, and continue letting us folk enjoy your brain farts!

ValancyJane said...

Maybe he brings it up because he already knows, and wants to see at what point you feel comfortable telling him. Maybe that's why he gave you his password, to emphasize the trust between you.

Kristine said...

Ah yes. I sometimes am tempted to start another blog that my friends do not know about. I need the freedom to write without self-censorship!That having been said there is a large possibility that I'd get no readers, so...

If your boy is like boys of my own past, he may be a little pissed off if he finds out about your covert-blogging operations. Or like the last blogger pointed out, he may already know.

vapidly vibrant said...

Well that's just sneaky! *raises eyebrow amusingly*

And now, I'm paranoid. :S