Thursday, September 6, 2007

obstacle 1

Am back in London.

Option A was shite.
Figuratively and literally.

More later.
Off having a good cry.
And hugging internet.


Ironica said...

And faithful old internet is hugging back: >:D<

Well, at least I am. Hang in there, crazy little blogger.

gorgondoza said...

sorry to hear :(

I miss you lots and love you even more (how corny, I know, but months of isolated loneliness have reduced me to my true shameful self, alas!)

...I so wish I could be there with you kicking some major british ass!

and keep us posted, dammit! (not that I ever did, but was I ever a good example to follow? :P)

*gives miss V a great big comfort hug*

vapidly vibrant said...

Oh, thanks you guys! *hugs right back*

Internet, how i miss thee!

p.s. check out your inbox, babe ;)