Sunday, September 2, 2007

capture the flag

Oi! Quickly before my [stolen] internet runs out!

  • I'm not dead! Yaaaay!!! Plane ride was smooth (or from what I can gather as I slept practically the entire time). Was then greeted by two beautiful breezy London days, during which time I basically ran around like a headless chicken with hungry rats hanging from its ass. Attractive much. Truthfully, I'm not sure how I"m feeling yet. It's been four days now and still a roller-coaster - albeit kiddie one - of emotions, between this-is-pretty-intense and what-the-hellness... I'll get back to that one on a later time, yes?

  • I SCORED OPTION A! Double Yaaaaaayyy!!! I'll avoid going into the details, but suffice to know that for the next four weeks I'll be roaming across the UK trying not to get my spirits trampled on and hopes crashed & buried in the ground while doing something I actually - terrifyingly - do really care about. I'll be working in a 'team' and living in 'hostels', so this might be The Craziest Thing To Do for the prissy little anti-social that I am. Thank goodness there's beer.

  • Speaking of which, I suspect the beer here are much higher in alcoholic content. Words cannot describe my joy...!

  • ...And the people? Now, perhaps I'm still quite jet lagged, perhaps people are particularly shitty where I come from, but I've come to notice that English folks are goddamned gorgeous!... Well, okay, those in a certain age bracket and socio-economic background, but the average of model*-like beautiful people are staggeringly high to me. (Then again, perhaps it's just the accent.)

  • How much beef and potato can one person eat, goddammit?

  • I once fancied myself to be a Good Packer. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten that I was also delusional. Good god. I had to pay about 100$ for excess weight, and then drag that goddamned thing up ALL. THOSE. STAIRS. Fun times. Oh, people did offer to help, I was pleasantly surprised to find out, but as soon as they tried to lift my luggage, despite my polite warnings, they soon realised that maybe being the good Samaritan wasn't worth a hernia. On the bright side, my Faith In Human Scale is at a good high level and my right arm has now muscles. *thumbs up*

  • I got myself a mobile. My first mobile ever. I am working through the disappointment.

  • Did I mention how good the beer is?... And Pret A Manger?... Seriously, I have to figure out some sort of way to smuggle those through customs when I go back home....

Anywho! That's it for now folks! I'm heading out to Oxford now and won't be back in ye olde London Town until the end of the month. (...And then have to tackle the very desirable task of finding a place to live... *faints*)

Be good, play fair, see ya on the flip side!
(No really, everything's backward here, yo!)
(I kid, I kiiiiiiid!)
(I need some beer.)

* Is it customary to be asked if one is a model/would like to model by attractive London gals?... You know, hypothetical question. For a 'friend', yeah?... A friend who's very flattered nonetheless. 'Cause she's a whore like that. Alright, carry on, then.

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Mya said...

Have fun in England - oooohh how I envy you. Here's a few pointers.

Beer - don't drink Carlsberg Special Brew (only tramps drink that) or Stella Artois on tap (they don't call it wife beater for nothing).

Oxford is a lovely place. I was there as a student (not quite as impressive as it sounds.) Good pubs: The Bear, The Trout. Nice restaurants and bars around Walton Street and St Aldates. Don't get run over by cyclists. Try punting on the river - great fun. And drink loads of Pimms - it's the law.

Have fun.

Mya x