Monday, April 9, 2007

make it till monday

I am with influenza. But instead of whinging about the grinding headaches, the bloody (literally and figuratively) stuffed nose, the dizziness and the grogginess and the chilliness and generally the whole of my skin feeling as if it's on fire, i figured it'd be best should i tackle my very first tag (!!!) by the very fabulous Miss Pom some days ago (or weeks? or months? too much cerebral work for proper recollection... Apologies.).

Anywho, here goes, Five Things You Don't Know About Me*:

  1. I don't own any white underwear (hey, i didn't say this was going to be 'interesting' - brace yourself...)
  2. I don't like to sweat (unless when nekkid and engaged in less than nunlike activities...ahem).
  3. I am deeply insecure.
  4. Like any Asian kid, i've had piano lessons. Which, like any lazy idiot, i stopped at age 11. Coincidentally, right after my beloved teacher passed away. (May she rest in peace.) The only piece i can play now - perfectly by heart - is Bach's Menuet in G. Just don't ask me what note it starts with. I haven't a clue.
  5. I actually quite enjoy Nelly Furtado's new stuff. Yes, i said it. What?! And i think she's looking mighty gorgeous doing it too. (Just as long as you don't look at her too long as she tends to turn towards Excessive Pouting That Would Annoy The Life Out Of Anyone. Aye.)
There. Hope you'll sleep all the better now with such precious information! I shall join you in your dreams....

*Five things who doesn't know about me? I mean, consdiering that i haven't kept this thing up for very long, there're indeed heaps of things many of you out there in the nether land of virtuality don't know. Then again, there are also things here about me that most of people in my real life are not aware of either. Hmm. Tricky. My head is starting to spin again.


Gorgondoza said...

you mean you like TIMBALAND's new songs... keep Silly Nelly out of this
(but yes, she is very attractive... and yes, she doth take herself too seriously... and yes, i tried to add some olde english in there for shit and giggles...and yes, i'm a condescending whore)

jan said...

Whoa Nelly! That girl is hot!!

And, what do you have against white undies?

vapidly vibrant said...

J, is that your Five Things, dear? But... i already know you're a condescneding whore, love! And a genial old loony too! ^_^

Jan, i don't have anything particularly against white underwear... I'm just attracted to those prettier colorful ones, i guess. Am easily distracted like that :S.

Gorgondoza said...

well here's something you don't know... I've finally admitted to myself that I'm an whorish music elitist...

and I'm trying to save myself before it's too late o_O

ps: how dare you divulge my true identity?! I was loving this incognito thing!