Friday, March 2, 2007

picture of my life

While some of my friends are raising havoc at a Frat Party this very minute (it’s all about them cheap beer, young impressionable 17-year-old girls and sexually confused first year Saskatoon lads, you understand... god speed, me boys, god speed!), I am neatly tucked away in bed with a facial (yes, the Depends pads are very comfortable, thank you for asking). Although the unsurpassable amount of beer that taste like piss and drunken pretentious college boys whose best pickup line is "you're such a hawt Asian* chick - burrrrrp" would ratle up any girl's fantasy, I just have the feeling that I can't resist biting some heads off tonight. And speaking of biting, I have not yet digested all that I have eaten, so thought as well to spare the lovely folks at Sigma Chi Lambda Alpha Omega Delta I Haven't The Slightest Clue Really the sweet smell of my bowel movement over the delicious sex pheromones & vomiting sweat. Case in point - what I have ingested today:

  • 2 bowls of Crispix** cereal [which the only grocer carrying it, in a fit akin to Jack Bauer's torturous rage, is no longer selling. They have stopped having it for a while but around Christmas, much to my childish delight, decided to restock only to YANK IT away from its shelves again. Why, dear Metro Gods, why?]
  • half a roll of rosette de lyon sausage from La Charcuterie de Père Lemoine, with enough black peppers to start a small fire in one's throat.
  • a plate of linguine (couldn't resist taking picture of it - notice the melting garlic butter on top. Mm-aaaarrhhh....)
  • a plate of sweet sticky rice with fried onions i had to fight over with The Crazy Woman.
  • Yummy roast chicken with steamed rice [that would be supper, in case anyone was wondering, courtesy of The fabulous Crazy Woman.]
  • A pot noodle. Or two.

[Note to self: must learn to say 'stop'. And actually stop.]

Have also been geekilly youtubing all the music videos i've missed out on, and came to the conclusion that it seriously sucks rats balls to be on a tight budget, as i absolutely must get my hands on The Good, The Bad and The Queen record, as well as the new Arcade Fire***!

And these shoes!

Dancing shoes.
Only-In-My-Dreams shoes.

Prim-And-Proper-Sunday-Garden-Party shoes. (Not that i have ever been, or know anyone who's gone, to a garden party before.)

For some reason remind me of Jem-And-The-Holograms shoes. Which makes me want them even more. I mean, i've even named them and all, so of course they should be mine!...

Yes, it is a sad life I live.

*That would be something not to say to get a girl. EVER. But that is a very long post for another day, i'm afraid...
**As oppose to something like Coco Puffs, or Lucky Charms, i always very boringly prefer something relatively plain in taste. They are the ones that you can eat endlessly, in my opinion. Although i oddly feel like having some of'em Lucky Charms now....
***Speaking of which, their encore performances here were completely SOLD OUT TODAY! *cries* Due, might i add to a bunch of LYING WHORES at one shabby music store who told us they were to go on sale TOMORROW. May you have CRABS, Dirty Blond Shag Boy and Old Nancy Dweeb With Scary Neck Rash! Freakishly gargantuesque Super-Crabs! Now if anyobody can tell me how to get or has an extra ticket, i will gratefully repay them in any way possible. With anything. My soul, anyone? Seriously, anyone?...


Dainon said...

Cinnamon Life. It's the only way to go.

And bite, scratch and maim all in your path, but GET to the Arcade Fire show. You MUST experience it, because it's better than your greatest ideas. I speak from second row experience myself. And I was on a natural high for weeks afterward.

vapidly vibrant said...

Oh, pour salt to my wounds, why don't you! Because they are playing in their 'home town', ppl here are particularly keen on seeing them. Even though they've played JUST LAST MONTH! You'd think Canadians are nice compassionate folks, now don't you... LIES!

*end rant*

p.s. i usually prefer my cinnamon in a bun with whipped cream :)

Jay said...

OOh, I love those Jem shoes too. Although, I have too many red shoes as it is. And pink shoes, actually. They always look so cute in their boxes.

tom said...

Wow I love a girl that actually eats!! I wanted to tell you I ran across another site with a post re "Nigel" but I was not at home and didn't have your Link..That song is really getting around again!!

The Music Video @ You Tube

vapidly vibrant said...

Jay, there is no such thing as 'too much [insert anything] shoes'. And, my god, they look cute in the boxes so you can free them! And free them we should!!

Mister Tom, there is a version of that song i partiuclarly like by Nouvelle Vague that i can't seem to get to (their MySpace page screws with my computer somehow...buggers). Feel free to let me know what you think of it should you check it out :)!