Tuesday, February 20, 2007

song 2


I hate you. If i you ever see me walking down the street, run. But not too fast please, because i would very much like to scratch your eyeball out and make you eat it while punching your belly at the same time. Repeatedly. Then, i'd grab your balls (or boobs, whichever) and twist it 180 degrees, high kick you in your tender loins and shove you to the ground to stomp on your neck. Then i'd curtsy and leave.

Consider yourself warned.

*squints eyes into small scary empty slits*



NeverEZme said...

hmmmmm! "Note to HTML" sounds like a personal problem. lol

Pomgirl said...

You can be scary sometimes, y'know ;) But it all looks lovely today so being scary must have helped. Hurrah!

vapidly vibrant said...

Ya think, neverezme, YA THINK?! *twitches one eye*


And you could never tell for i look like a Good Asian Girl, Miss Pom ;). MouahahhahAHAHAHAHAHA!... Too bad i'm a whimpy little girl who can barely lift a shoe in real life though.

Chris said...

Would lifting a shoe help here do you think?

Boo said...

Yes, but site looks so pretty now! So HTML deserves at least one sneaky pash (before pulverising eyeball).

vapidly vibrant said...

Dear Chris, as far as my knowledge of html goes, it might as well would. If not, i can always throw the shoe at it.

Boo, if you mean 'pash' as in "pash of death", then yes, yes it does.