Monday, January 1, 2007


So between work, pre-Christmas dinner parties, plain old parties, work Christmas dinner parties, family dinner parties, family, New Year's Eve parties, New Year's brunch (and one more dinner coming up tonight), and - of course - who can neglect all the oddly awkward social moments & antics, nothing really happened.... If it did, i'm afraid i don't remember anymore. My brain has turned into turkey stuffing & mashed potatoes mixed with jingle bells. Also, i've been spectacularly infected by yet ANOTHER cold which, on top of the wonderful effects of drunkenness, too much food & too much Dancing That Would Make Any Mother Proud, has now turned me into this:

Here! here! to being in The Holiday Spirit! Now, if anyone needs me, i'll be the one growling in a dark corner of the basement holding a kalashnikov.

Oh! And warm wishes to anyone who cares and a very jolly New Year filled with warm fuzzy feelings indeed! Bottoms up [filled with ibuprofen & sudafed for me please]!


Pomgirl said...

Happy New Year, Miss V. I hope 2007 treats you well, and that you get over your stinking cold. Take care, pet.


vapidly vibrant said...

Thank you muchly! As for the cold, it just won't FUCK OFF!!! Sorry, raging whinge over. Am now counting on one last thing to sod it away: Tequila!

gorgondoza said...

aaah, that's why I haven't seen you in a while.... but judging by that recent picture of you, i think it's for the best!