Wednesday, January 3, 2007

holding out for a hero

Last night, i've finally got over my fear of Kate Martianhead Bosworth and saw Superman Returns. This is what i had to say about it:

"Oh Good Gawd, he is so cute..."
"Come on, put those glasses on, put them on, oh yeaaaah...."
"Oh, he is so hotttt!"
"Hot! Hot! Hot! haaaaaahhhhhhh...." *drools*
" handsome"
"Come on, rip it, baby, rip it!"
"He. Is. So. Handsome."
"Sooooo beautiful...."

Repeat & shuffle. With more drool. Possibly. The extensive vocabulary displayed there also goes to show the highly educated & intellectual demographic the movie's intricate plot and witty dialogue was aiming at. Also Kevin Spacey rocked. And Superman's got nothing on Clark Kent...

It's all in them glasses, you understand. Now, i will spend the day googling up every one of his picture known in the history of the internet. Because, really, as if we will ever see him in another movie again. If we don't count the one i'm making in my mind. Starring me, obviously.

Okay. Carry on.

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