Wednesday, October 25, 2006

have a cuppa tea

We were having brunch in my sister's kitchen.

"I am sooo tired...".
"Why?", i iquired, quizzically.
"Because i woke up at 6?", said she in the condescending tone she was congenitally blessed with.
"Why?", i responded in the annoyed fashion i was habitually trained.
"Because i had to clean the garage?", she continued in her charmingly loving tone.
"Why?!", i asked with my eyes criss-crossing in their confused self-injuring manner.
"Because the painters were coming early this morning to paint the garage?" Ah. No, wait...
"Why didn't you clean it last night?"
"Because i was watching Naruto until 1 o'clock in the morning?" Right. Silly me.

My mum cheerfully waltzed in. She was bright & sunny, and her cheeks were rosy from the frisky autumn wind. She looked like one of those cute little Inuk dolls. She put on the kettle, took out a cup, and proceeded in doing her New Thing - grabbing my sister's boob. "Yours are like flat steamed buns, and hers [mine] are like puffy steamed buns!", she declared, triumphantly, poured herself some tea, and coyly walked away.

My sister stood stunned in horror. I rolled on the floor laughing until snort came out.

Ladies & gentlemen, i present to you my mother, The Crazy Woman.


The Girl Who Came In From The Cold said...

That's so funny. I think our mothers would have a lot in common, though she has never actually grabbed my boob - thank god.

vapidly vibrant said...

I've been noticing a lot lately how completely bonkers many mothers are! There ought to be a convention, or something, definitely, where they could meet & share tactics on how to compeltely traumatize their children. And our mums can just duke it out there!

n.b. the fact that i just came up with that idea, and loving it, proves to be a terrible omen on my part, i'm afraid. All the luck to you...-_-

arb® said...

my mother would at least be in the final circle. what with a daughter "who left by choice" (in her shoes) and a disappointment (c'est moi), she's be revered as a guru.