Friday, November 30, 2007

fixer le ciel

Through the midst of cigarette smoke and barbecue, buses and cabs splash their way down the drenched road while trendy Londoners quickly clonk their way on the busiest corner of the city. As I take a sip from my coffee, the wind picks up, splattering droplets of rain on my right cheek.

That’s when it hits me.

For the first time since I’ve been here, I feel at peace. I have a little job I enjoy, a friend to join in some much welcomed drinks later on and a warm bed to greet me in a forgiving embrace when I stumble back...

“Is it weird that I miss Friday night TV with you?” buzzes in my left pocket.

Oh. And there's also a wonderful boy who makes me smile with longing.

It’s moments like these, I think to myself.

Moments like these....


Rosanna said...

I'm glad to hear things are looking up - going up, getting better.

Mya said...

Hey, you're in London. What's the weather like? What are Harvey Nicks doing for their Christmas window display?

Homesick Mya x

Pomgirl said...

I hope you are still having those 'moments', pet.

Has a c-grade celebrity turned the Christmas lights on, yet?


vapidly vibrant said...

Rosanna, thanks pet :).

Mya, the weather feels like late Canadian fall - i laugh when people shiver and whinge about how cold it is (until the wind picks up and slaps my condescending grins with rain that is.)

Also, note that I have been avoiding all the high street shopping centre like the ebola virus and thus have no clue what's going on there at the moment. The sheer number of people roaming its street is enough to make me want to blow up things. Not very Christmassy, i agree.