Friday, August 17, 2007

a time to be so small

I am freaking out.
I am in a frenzy.
Way over my head.

After thinking about, planning and dreaming and hoping for this project to come along for well over two years, it is finally hitting me. How unbearably overwhelming it all is. Running away to a country where you know no-one and no-one knows you. Where there isn’t a net – financial or otherwise – you can fall on should something go haywire. Which it always does. As Life tends to do. And this terrifyingly enticing unknown that attracted you, that you learned in and out, now suddenly feels different.


It’s the complete and utter blackness of jumping into something you had invested so much – everything – in and have no control over. Because no matter how many books you read, how many links you clicked, how many people you asked, or listened, there is this breathless ball embedded in your chest that knows it was all useless, you are taking a leap into the ocean without ever touching water while learning to swim from a picture. Rien que pour un chant de sirènes.... And then there’s the loneliness. That you crave. That you fear. That engulfs you. And though you’ve always been happiest on your own, there’s a fine balance between choosing its path and having its shadow hover above you that still escapes your grasp.

I am freaking out.
I am going by ear.
Tyring not to drown.


Jay said...

This is an impossibly exciting time, but something with so much thrill usually has some fear and panic mixed in too. It just seems to work that way. I don't know exactly how it must be for you right now, but I hope you work through the "oh my god"ness off it, because I think you're really going to enjoy it once you gte past that.

Rosanna said...

At a time lke this, Miss V, my only advice is to enjoy the ride - enjoy every magical moment. I promise that the feeling of jumping, and not having the familar to catch you, will intoxicate every inch of your brain.

You just have to remember to have fun along the way. The unknown is not so scary, once you remember to turn on the light