Sunday, July 29, 2007

falling slowly

After three weeks of grisly dismemberment, murderous spirits and bloody ghosts that the ever lovely Fantasia Festival delivers to some of us gory geeks, it should be of no surprise that a mushy musical about love and love songs would be like a sweet balm over a fantastic gaping wound. Or rather (with less kinkee innuendos - ahem), a beautiful sunset after the rain.

Incidentally, it is also the sort of movie no one I know would watch with me [had I actually asked…], thus making it in the same shot the Perfect Solo Cinema Viewing. Huzzah! And to the yearning of my silly soppy heart, was it ever! Armed with a well hidden grande double-chocolate chocolate chips Frappathing-a-mashling, a bag of lollies and aircon that would make Santa feel at home, I swayed and swooned with every melodious note and foreign accent it touchingly offered. Oh, virtual beloveds, to compare it to the other summer musical number would be like comparing Audrey Hepburn to Anna-Nicole*. Part modern day 'musical', part 'classic' love story, part intimate documentary, Once is of delectable tenderness, subtle sweetness and shy cheerfulness whipped up in hopeful nostalgia – everything that makes life… not that shitbad after all. Without any horns nor pretensions...

Like finding a lost childhood photograph.
Or a shadow on a sweltering summer day. And a warm blanket when it snows.
The sound of winds racing through leaves. The taste of coffee in the morning**.
Or a lover’s touch in the hollow of your back.

What can I say. Hormones finally got the best of me.

...Which could explain why I may be harbouring an unhealthy innocent little crush at the moment....*blush* And like all crushes, it is strictly unrequited and will result to nothing. Obviously. It’s just been a while since I’ve crushed on a boy, is all... Un boaille aux cheveux d’encre et des paroles qui soufflent dans les voiles de mon ├ęternelle adolescence....

And it feels oddly... nice.

*giggles like a silly schoolgirl*

*This, in no way, is to denigrate Miz Smith (the same goes for Hairpray, of coures). God knows she will be dearly missed, at the very least, as a great entertainer. May you rest in peace, Anna, and bless Miz Spears in her stellar effort to replace you.

** Of what I can remember! *cries* Eight days and going strong, people! Soon, my love, soon we may be reunited once more!...

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