Sunday, March 25, 2007

the coming of spring

Aside from the general sun tauntingly shining on, puddles of melting brown shite (or What Is Left Of The Glorious Snow), the sweet smell of feces emanating from said pile of melting snow (extra aromatic due to months of fermented bliss - mmmm...), and wait - is that my throat itching? Is that my nose running? Is that my left eye tearing? Why, it's ALLERGIES SEASON! *punches fist into wall* - it can't be all bad, can it...?

With that in mind (Ouh! Ouh! Look at me being all positive!), here is a list of Good Things About Spring:

  1. After months of wanting to let my bangs & hair grow, I gave in to the Spirit Of Change and cut the whole damn thing! Well, not the entire thing, just gave myself a wee trim. And a kickass dye. Which feels immmmeeeensely good. Behold!


    After(See the difference? It's darker now, yes?
    Am image of Adventurous, truly?...
    Humour me?)

  2. Maple syrup. Need i say more?

  3. Now, if you break it down, what 'Spring' really stands for is 'Spring Cleaning'. Which ultimately leads to LOOK AT MY SWANKY CLEAN COLOR-COORDINATED CLOSET!

    I love it so much, i could just sit here and marvel at it for hours, quite sadly!

  4. Have just finished my paper on Education & Minority Language Acquisition! Hurrah-rah-rah! (...although that doesn't have anything to do with Spring, now does it? If anything, Spring is paper season and i actually have two other ones to write for this week! Okay, happy thoughts, happy thoughts...)

  5. Ouh! With the warm weather I can now wear my cute lighter coat and kickass brown leather boots again! Gnarly!

  6. AND, because three months of Winter makes us Canadians slightly deranged in the head, we can now enjoy our drinks on terraces! Even if it is still only 5C outside!*

  7. Closet again.

    Yes, let its magic wash over you...

  8. you listen to this! (click on the small black box in the middle, marked "media", then "audio", then the 5th little blue square from the left. You can listen to the entire thing too, of course. Go on, it's only mildly frantically dancy!... Unless that's not exactly your piece of pie. In which case, never mind then.)

* I believe that the more exclamation marks i put, the more likely am i to feel its enthusiastic effect. As long as I don't strangle myself out of sheer annoyance first.


Chris said...

You spell humour with a u but color without, is this how it's done in Canadaland? I need to know so I can appear worldly and knowledgeable if I ever meet another canadien(ne)!

I will also wax lyrical about the splendour (splendor?!) of your nation's colour coordinated wardrobes, which will confuse them no doubt.

Your hair is definitely darker in the second picture although I think you may have manipulated the angle to make it look more so than it is! Boys are better at distinguishing shades of black though, so this may be one of the rare occassions where the male sex might be better at giving the compliments you want (I mean deserve, shit!) for a change!

Jay said...

Very nice, very nice. I love spring cleaning too.

vapidly vibrant said...

Jay, thanks. I knew someone would understand! :D

Mister Chris - *gasps*
How dare you insinuate that i have manipulated any angle? Don't you know how hard it is to take a picture of one's hair as it cant possibly stay in the same place twice (as i suspect you have such experience, of course!)? If there was indeed anything that were manipulated, surely it would have been the lighting and coloring! Tch. Honestly.


Oh, and yes, growing up being bombarded by French, American, Canadian and occasionally British English from all sides, it's a bit all mixed oop in there :S. Although, i find 'humour' (as well as 'splendour') looks better with a 'u', and 'color' without, don't you think?;)

Chris said...

Of course not! I think they all look better with a "u"! :)