Tuesday, February 27, 2007

making plans for nigel

I decided* to stay home today. After spending last evening in front of the telly in a zombizoid (zomboid? zombiioid?) state watching "Heroes" and "The Black Donnellys", accompanied by a few panic attacks in between, I figured I should pick myself up before stumbling mindlessly down to Miz McDees doorstep where she’d usually keep me tucked away in her comforting cold embrace well into June. And believe me, it’s a lot worse than it sounds. She’s a mofo bitch, that one. With a Bette Davis As Baby Jane Crazy sense of humour too.

So, paid some bills, organized my schedule for this week (which always calmed me, despite never being followed), and did a whole lot of reading. Also found out that the assignment I’m losing my hair over is actually due later than expected. All around yayness then!

I can’t wrap my mind around Project London just as yet though. I haven’t a clue about what I’m about to do, or when I’m going to do it. Trying to go through it one day at a time for the moment and to take it easy. Not having my degree before leaving wouldn’t be so bad considering that I hadn’t any intention to pursue a career from it (although a B.Sc. would highly come in handy, wouldn’t it?), or doing it in two steps (leave-return-leave) isn’t that bad either, it’ll be like having un avant goût, a teaser trailer of a really good movie. (Speaking of which, I cannot wait until Frank Miller’s 300 comes out next Friday. It looks rather fantastical, and exaggerated, and probably very un-PC - what with the Persians being monster-like and all - but it’s Frank Miller after all. It’s supposed to completely off the wall, and more comic book-y than historical. Like a tale. Twisted futuristical style. Oh who am I kidding, I just wanna see some badasses in metal skirts kicking the bloody shits out of eachother. Yeah.) Anyway, all I know is I can’t possibly postpone it until next year (the trip, not the movie). I’ll go mad, really. Or madder some might argue.... But let’s not think about that, k?

Okay. Well that’s it for tonight. I need to go to the bank tomorrow, so I can actually see that there is some money left in my account, which should also help in reassuring little me. Yes, there there, poppet, it’s gonna be okay….

Aside from the fact that all the stores are having huge shoe sales at the moment. God damn them all.

*as in, my alarm clock didn’t go off I didn’t hear my alarm clock due to being completely knocked out, and woke up at noon.


tom said...

Okay, I'm just surfing through the next blog bar on blogger and I see "Making Plans For Nigel' And now that song..which I like.. keeps playing in my head...I'm getting ready for my TV wednesday, I love heroes, by the way..but tonight is when I really zombie out..Jericho(Soap Operish Though) Knights of Prosperity, Criminal Minds and Finally LOST..Good luck with your school

We're All Just Making Plans For Nigel..na na na na na na -- na na na

Steph said...

It's a fact that the world will conspire to have shoe sales at the exact time that you are out of cash!

Bastards law reigns.

Rosanna said...

Project London, eh? My favourite city in the whole. wide. WORLD.

(Possibly even the universe)

I luff your blog, V. It has kept me most amused during my tedious Australian Politics lecture. Remind me WHY I chose that subject? No good reasons? I have none, either.

Loving myself sick over your gorgeous colour scheme and happy to meet a recent lurker.

Happy shoe shopping!

Jay said...

My husband cannot wait to see 300. I think we first saw the trailer in the film The Departed back in October, and he's been drooling ever since. As for me, I think I'm going to let him make a boy's night out of it. I found Sin City to be extremely good, but the gore just really gets to me, so this one seems out of my league. Completely. But I'm looking forward to Reign Over Me, which comes out the next week so at least March isn't hopeless!

vapidly vibrant said...

Ah, Mister Tom, t'is but a shameless ploy to attract unsuspecting readers! ;) But it is is a very hard song to get out of one's head indeed. As for the telly shows, i'm quickly being sucked in by 'Heroes' - i mean, super heroes amongst us?! That was my childhood dream!

Miss, Steph, I'm about this close to throw a crying fit the other day in front of these fabulous peep-toed red patent wedges that are not too high for me. Pah! Next time, i think i might have to buy them and let a 'THERE! I WILL NOW LIVE ON THE STREETS BC OF YOU! HOPE YOU'RE VERY HAPPY WITH YOURSELF!' rip to the cash lady.

Oi! I see you have learned how to survive your uni classes, dear Rosanna. Very good. Next you'll find yourself doing the same thing in the comfort of your bed. :)

Jay, i just recently saw the trailer to Reign On Me, and glad that it may be the second performance i can enjoy from the Sandler. *fingers crossed*

gorgondoza said...

from what I've heard about 300, all persians are 7 feet-tall black gays and lesbians... how fitting that i am of partial persian descent o_O