Tuesday, December 5, 2006


It snowed this weekend! First snow on the first of December. This, to me, is deemed to be a Good Sign. Of what, i do not know yet. But looking outside, i faintly felt a little giddy about it, to be honest. This is what it looked like on Friday morning:

A few hours later, it then turned into this:

(photo courtesy of mister steveyb)

That is ice, in case you can't see. And that's a car underneath the tree, underneath the ice. Also, the powers went out. Welcome to the schizophrenic Canadian Weather!

But, more gloomily, is it a dire omen of things to come? To warn never to trust what one perceived as good too quickly...? Hmm... Thankfully, i don't give a flying fuck! Ting-a-ling-a-ling!

It's been such a long while since i've actually enjoyed a nice Christmas [yes, we are well into December, and i thus allow myself to fully indulge in Holiday chats today. Sue me], and i remember there was a time when i used to looooove singing Christmas carols, to a shameful degree, really, and all the snow, the lights, the trees, the candies, and the giggles. And all the excitement of who's your secret santa, and what to give, and what to eat... Yes, it may be a long time ago, and i was prolly 5, and it's utterly corny, and naïve, and all Christmas is is an excuse to spend and eat a shitload like the aberrent unsatiated pigs that we are but sulking, moaning and be cynical about it all for the next four weeks somehow makes me want to shove my tongue to a frozen pipe and bang my head to it really hard. And believe me, it's not as fun as it sounds. I should know.

So. This season, i solemnly promise to try as hard as i can to be in The Holiday Spirit. There may not be a Christmas tree, there may not be eggnog, hell! there may not even be a whole lot of gifts, but jolly, there will be SINGING!

In related news, look at this hot piece of Santa (courtesy of FIDO cell phone services package for the Holidays):

Had this been the Ol'Saint Nick of my childhood, i would have gladly believed, i tell ya. Hurry down the chimney, indeed....


Boo said...

SO LUCKY. SO SO LUCKY. This looks GORGEOUS. I've been to the snow about twice in my life. I think there was a whole centimetre on the ground.

Pomgirl said...

Yes, so lucky! We usually just get rain in Leeds, so my brother and I substitute the word 'snow' in Christmas songs, for 'rain'.

"Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain..."

Did you make a snowman? Throw snowballs?

I too plan to be dementedly happy this Christmas!

Pomgirl said...

And I am getting some of the CDs you recommended. Yay!

vapidly vibrant said...

Ladies, i know! I had forgotten how wonderful it is, and despite that it has mostly turned into ice & -20C today, i realized that i'd still picked chilling Winter over melting Summer in a heart beat (a warm [RED TOO!] coat et new cute boots help;)). No snowman yet, but definitely snowballs, or actually, iceballs have been thrown. No injuries, but my luck is just* about to turn, i can feel it!

p.s.: Yay for new CDs, and Christmas, and snow! Huzzah!

Pomgirl said...

Red coats rock! :)

a said...

the singing is key. we had a aprish aprty last saturday and wesange carols out ofh te hymnal. it was great. of course i teared up.

i'm trying to be in the holiday spirit too.

vapidly vibrant said...

Pomgirl - somwhow i knew you would agree...;)

a - i haven't started with the tears yet, although watching It's Wonderful Life should definitely do it for me...
I do hope you enjoy your holidays!^_^

gorgondoza said...

santa? tell me about it! the guy is hotness incarnate, and his clothes are le-gorgeous... the photo does NOT do him justice...

I don't think I'll be the only one asking santa for sexual favours this year ;)

ps: does that count as me being naughty this year, or next year?