Monday, November 13, 2006

rock n' roll lies

Q is my brother-in-law's younger sister. Of anyone i ever knew, or cared for, she is the most high-strung, high-maintenance, difficult, demanding & judgemental. Why i haven't punched her nice little face in yet is mainly because she is actually a pretty sweet & honest, up-front & unapologetic girl. Which i like. And unlike her brother, i can have an intelligible conversation with her. Plus, i don't really have much of a choice - punching people is very much frowned upon in these necks of the woods.

Q is also one of those girls - who wants to make loads of money, get married, and settle down in a huge mansion. The one with "A Game Plan". I know, i too am quite astonished at our friendship at times. I went to her birthday dinner party over the weekend in her cute new appartment. Although usually, an entire evening spent in conversations about "What-Luxury-Car-I-Bought" and "How-Much-This-Grand-Piano-That-I-Never-Play-Cost" isn't exactly my idea of fun, by my second glass of Riesling it all sweetly glazed over me. Talks of travel & food, interior design, Romain Gary (not even brought up by yours truly!), astrology & terrorism (there was a connection there somewhere...just can't quite remember what it was now...that i'm sober) had even somehow managed to filter through. It turned out not to be half as bad as i pessimistically anticipated. That is, until...

" about you? Do you have a boyfriend?"
Mechanically, i replied, "Oh no! You know, i really haven't got the interest nor the energy for any of that right now..."

And that's when it hit me. Unlike all the other times where i've disdainfully given this same generic answer, this time...i realised i was actually lying.

"...Hmm...yes, really not...". I quickly gulped down another glass of wine.

Then i blacked out.


Pomgirl said...

That's good, in a way :) It must be better to be single and then feel like meeting someone/being in a relationship/having a fuck buddy than constantly needing to have someone. Those girls always shit me.

If I ever have shitloads of money, I'm going to buy a piano like the one Liberace had, and never play it! It will be so rock 'n' roll!

vapidly vibrant said...

It's not so 'bad' as territory? These girls who seem to always need someone make me cringe as well, and...i suppose i'm just afraid i'll become like that now...:S I'm not so sure how to make of it.

*gulp another glass of wine*

Liberace's piano has to be THE exception - it's a Superpiano, as he calls it, for crying out loud. Totally rockin' indeed.