Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Well so much for the Cleansing Program (which i've been faithfully following for more than a week. Yes - A WHOLE WEEK *pat herself on the head*) for i've been ominously infected with a pharyngitis *sad puppy face*. I am going to shamelessly milk every possible second of this as i can, sleeping 16 hours a day, watching tons of DVDs & catching up on TV time, having ABC soup and milk before i sleep (again). And whimpering about it. Massively.

I've never had a pharyngitis before. And apart from the grinding headaches, numbing limbs, dizziness, cold sweating fever and, of course, the feeling of having a baby shoved down my throat each time i swallow any hard food, it's pretty awesome! Because i can BREATHE! My sinuses - the usual first point of attack - are being utterly spared from the viral damage this time. 'Tis truly wonderful! I say welcome pharyingitis, any time, just as long as you let me breathe [and when i am convieniently set at home with my parents without any urgently productive things to shuffle through]! Yes, welcome indeed.


Mark said...

I don't even know what pharyngitis is, but I bet it beats syphillis for a disease. You're not going crazy for starters.

Hope you're feeling better :)

vapidly vibrant said...

It's just basically a throat infection. Wikipedia also has a nice little picture but i can't be arsed to link it. And yes, i would agree that the 'going crazy' part tends to make syphilis sound a trifle more inauspicious...and a lot fancier too - French Disease, she is ominously called (yes, syphillis is female in my head).

And despite appearances [ahem], i am doing much better, thanks! ^_^