Tuesday, November 7, 2006

get myself into it

Birthday Gift 2006. From me. To me.
[cf. blog title]

Sleak & sexy.

Sadly, unlike me.
Such is the power of The Strokes.
(Yes, that is my excuse & i'm sticking with it.)

The Venga Boys, yo!

Part of such 90's classics as 'Mr. Vain', 'Pump It Up' and 'Runaway'.

Oi! And there's also a Disco Light!
So 90's it's cool!

To meeeeeeeeee!

Erm...Christmas gift?

Chic new coat.
(It was only 50$, okay! From 169.99! Now who can possibly resist such a deal?!
And look! Even the sun is blessing it with its lovely rays!...

Am now officially poor.

**WARNING: should expect more generic photos in posts to come as am much excited to discover such things as Technology. Thank you.**

p.s.: Karaoke rocks the shits!


Pomgirl said...

Happy Birthday, V! Every girl deserves lots of cute prezzies; I particularly love your new coat - and agree it was a total bargain. I'm trying to decide what 'present' I should buy for my birthday. BTW Scorpios rock!

vapidly vibrant said...

Thank you, Miss Pom! And i certainly will not try to argue with you!;)
I suggest something very shiny & expensive for the 'present'...Oh, and yes. Yes, they do.

arb said...

well, i;'m only a leo but the coat is super cute. i wouldn't have been able to keep my credit card in my pocket if i'd run across a find like that. i bet you look smart in it.

happy bday!!

also jealous of the new camera. mine only has 3.2.

you're wonderful and beautiful!!! and cared for by friends known and those not yet met.

vapidly vibrant said...

Much thanks for your kind words, Arb! 'Tis greatly appreciated!