Tuesday, October 3, 2006

i'm with the pilots

Although i did not know much about Ladytron, i reckoned some weird electronica coupled with time with some friends i haven't seen in a while (and a promise of beer tucked in there somewhere) would be good enough a reason to pay the 25$ the ticket cost. Lo & behold, i had a hoot of a time, and my blood was alcohol free! Huzzah!

The opening band, CSS (an acronym in Portugese for "Cansei de Ser Sexy", or 'Tired of Being Sexy' - gold! ) had me completely danced out by the very start. They are a rocking Brazilian sixtet, with five of the cutest badass little girls if i ever saw any (i just wanted to grab the lead singer, tuck her in me pocket, bring her home, bathe her, and feed her, and dress her, and play with her, and make her my very own little singing doll!), and an ambiguously pimpish-looking drummer (t'was probably the mustache & overall dirtiness that gave it away). The audience, despite my reserve for them being pseudo-intellectual electronica elitists, was marvellously fabulous [Emo Kids aside]! Never have i seen so many fags & their hags at a concert before*. They even happily obliged said Cute Lead Singer Doll in her choreagraphed dance sequence, and JOINED IN! It was the closest thing to an Olivia Newton-John's rendition of 'Physical' that i'll ever get to be apart of. I beemed.

When Ladytron finally came in, things settled down a bit. Admittedly, i was a tad disappointed thinking that the fun was all over. The music was great - ambient & syntholicious - but after shaking my little behind to tiny teeny rockers, suddenly falling to seriously uber coolness wasn't so...well, cool. Thankfully, by 'Seventeen' - the only song i actually knew - the tunes soon picked up, and gladly saw me practicing my new Jagged Dance Move. *double thumbs up* Even the two seemingly straight-arrow beefy blase guys in front of me looked at eachother at one point, smiled, nodded as if to say 'yes, we men approve the rocking goodness of this', then proceeded into a frenzy dance. Oh so not geeky-musical-snobs indeed.

That'll show me to bare such prejudices in the future.

(Except for Emo's . They are the devil's pawns.)

*us excluded, that is.

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